MurmurHash WASM

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MurmurHash in WASM for Node.js and the browser.

Generated documentation is here:

The WASM is inlined into the JS file to prevent issues from loading the module.

Hashes a provided key with a seed using the MurmurHash3 algorithm yielding a 32-bit hash.

Refer to the documentation for more info.

import {MurmurHash3} from 'murmurhash-wasm';

const key = 'hello';
const seed = 0;

const hash = MurmurHash3.hash32(key, seed);

const hex = hash.toString('hex');
// '5844da46'
const value = hash.readUInt32BE();
// 1480907334
npm install murmurhash-wasm
# or
yarn add murmurhash-wasm

When running in the browser the global Buffer object will be used when available. If it's not defined the library will use feross/buffer as a fallback (a ponyfill).

The global Buffer will never be modified or globally polyfilled.

Some benchmarks for the library are available in the benchmark/ directory of the source. See for info on how to run them yourself.

The results on my MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) are shown below:

--> MD5: 681,199ops/sec
--> SHA-1: 681,663ops/sec
--> MurmurHash3 32-bit: 793,651ops/sec

As you can see, this library performs slightly better than the native crypto MD5 and SHA-1 hash function implementations.

It's important to mention that the MurmurHash variants are not cryptographic hash functions like SHA-1 and MD5 were originally designed to be. Comparing them isn't done to say "this library is a faster alternative than MD5 and SHA-1", but rather "here's how this library compares to similar hashing solutions".